SORT- OF SALE!!:  Our pricing will be increasing just a slight bit as of 11/1/2019! Get your order in before then to take advantage of the low prices you see on the site now! We haven't raised our pricing in over FIVE years, and this slight increase is to deflect some rising manufacturing costs! Thank you!

Garage Floor Packages

each project is unique. We want your floor to be the best product - not the most expensive - for your needs. So we have options: water-based 45% epoxy floors; true high-build 100 percent epoxy floors; or 93% solids self-priming epoxy options. All are industrial-grade, designed for retail, warehouse and commericial applications. Depending on your budget and your needs - including special circumstances such as oil-stains, heavy equipment or chemical application areas - our tech advisor will help you select the best system! Just email your square footage and project details today to

We do sell chip brushes, jiffy mixers, buckets, spiked shoes, squeegees and all the tools you need. Some of these you may already have. Purchase what you need, at a few small markup above our cost. Or... you can elect to make purchases locally. Whatever you prefer! 
ater-Based Epoxy Floor "set" for up to  300 sq. ft project (300 square
feet/gallon approx coverage @ 2mils dry - one gallon 45% solids water-based
epoxy for priming, one for build coat)

2 gallons of our 2-part, 45% solids, water-based epoxy in choice of colors
1 lb of paint chips for a light fleck (really, you'll probably want a few more lbs)
2 3/8 inch nap rollers
1 9 inch roller tool
1 small jiffy mixer
2 3 inch paint brushes
1 pair vinyl gloves
1 6 gallon bucket for mixing
instruction sheet

PRICE:  149.00 plus shipping (NJ AND PA, sales tax added as required by law).  Ship
approximate 25-60.00 depending on location, estimated!

ADD anti skid, 1 pint, 8.00 more.
ADD extra paint chips:  $6.50/lb!
OPTION TWO:  93% solids low viscosity Epoxy, up to 400 square feet
Use this if you are wanting a higher solids/higher build floor, but need a less
expensive option than 100% solids. This product is self-priming, covers the same
square footage as the 100% solids, and gives a 6-12 mil floor in one coat.
133-270 square feet/gallon

1.5 gallon kit low-v; hi-solids epoxy
1 lb chips, your choice color, for a light fleck (you'll want a bit more,)
1 small jiffy mixer
1 1/4 inch roller cover
1 9-inch roller frame
1 6 gallon pail for mixing
1 3-inch paint brush
1 pair vinyl gloves
instruction sheet

COST:  $135.00 plus shipping (Pa and NJ sales tax will be added). Ship approximate: 25-60.00 depending
on location, estimate).
ADD URETHANE :  $90.00 more
ADD ANTI skid 1 pint:  $8.00 more