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Epoxy Floor Coatings

THIS ALA CARTE MENU is for ordering each component you wish, separately. EPOXY products are ONLY for the epoxy. Chips, accessories, etc are sold separately, at a very good price! Don't forget to visit the accessories page.
LOOKING FOR A PRE-MADE kit with tools and all components, such as a garage 
floor or basement set- see our complete garage floor kits, suitable for homeowner use, with needed tools.
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 Descriptions of various primer, build and topcoat formulas are listed BELOW, along with coverage rates and pricing.

the build coat in our hi-build system (see BELOW for discussion). Recommended for use   with primer, although some do opt to do without and apply a thin layer of 100% solids, then a build layer.  Can be top-coated with urethane for added chemical and UV resistance. Very good chemical, impact, and abrasion resistance. Dries at the thickness it is applied.  This is a 2-part product, which you mix proportionately, and apply... KIT is both parts, plus 
mixing bucket. Use 2 coats for applications over 18 mils. Must be mixed with jiffy mixer, in exact proportions, under specified temp and humidity constraints for proper curing.  Not liable for user error.
                                                                    12MILS            30 MILS         price                 
3 gallon kit sq. foot coverage (approx)        375                  155                $190.00   
15 gallon kit sq. foot coverage (approx)      1850                 750                $825.00
A NICE JOB WITH 100% SOLIDS IS  12-16 MILS  Properly prepared surfaces and primer are highly recommended.
Standard colors:     light, medium, dark gray, beige, tile red, white, off white standard                           
Black, TAN, ROYAL BLUE, blue-gray, BROWN, green 10% more. Custom upon request.

Water-based Epoxy  (45% solids). This is used as a primer for the 100% solids epoxy, or as stand-alone coating 
for thin mil applications. When applied at 6 mils, dries to just under 3 mils. Perfect for basements, laundry rooms, retail 
or garage floors as a lower-cost, but still professional-grade, durable, coating option. Many retail garage floor kits use a 
water-based epoxy. Budgetbob's 2-part water-based epoxy is industrial grade!  Reduces concrete dusting, has very good 
abrasion and chemical resistance. This is what you can choose if you are starting with a good floor, are not looking for a hi-
build system, but want an easy-care, durable, easy to use, attractive floor.  

USE  as a stand-alone (or with urethane topcoat, as needed) build coat. One coat of clear is used for primer under 100% 
solids epoxy hi-build systems.                           CLEAR (primer)                        COLORS (same as 100% solids)
1 gallon kit, covers up to 300 square feet                     $55.00                                        $60.00
2 gallon kit, covers up to 600 square feet                     $105.00                                       $110.00
5 gallon kit, covers up to 1500 square feet                   $235.00                                       $240.00

SPECIALTY FORMULA  Self-priming epoxy for hi-build system alternative!  Low-Viscosity Solids (93%). This low-v 
formula of our popular 100% solids epoxy provides a 6-12 mil build and is SELF-Priming.  You may leave as a stand-alone, 
or topcoat with urethane for chemical and UV resistance. (You can also use this as an alternative primer in a hi-build system 
where additional floor imperfections require a higher-build primer.)  IF you are considering a hi-build system, but 
require a lower cost alternative, this may be what you need!  Same price and coverage at 12 mils as 100% solids 
epoxy, but is self-priming.  Can also be applied at thinner mils to save $$$$on your project. Same colors as 100% 
solids epoxy and water-based epoxy.  

MSDS upon request.
Coverage 135 sq.ft/gallon at 12 mils; 270 sq ft/gallon @ 6 mils  2-part formula
                                              3 gallon kit: $190.00                15 gallon kit: $825.

Urethanes:  Used as a topcoat in hi-build or thin-build epoxy systems. Adds chemical and UV resistance to epoxy 
products.   Several choices available depending on your project and price point! All top quality.

One-component moisture cured polyurethane sealer. This is recommended when paint chips are used in most 
environments.  65% solids. VOC compliant. hi-gloss. Easy to use, no mixing. Perfect for garage or basements.
Covers 400-800 square feet/gallon. For heavy chip, or textured floor, use lower coverage amounts
                               1 gallon pail:  $90.00                                  5 gallon pail:  $400.00

Two-part Aliphatice Hi-Performance Urethane:  55% solids, polyester/aliphatic sealer.  VOC compliant.  
recommended for auto shops, warehouse, aircraft hangers, and other industrial/commercial applications. hi-gloss

1.5 gallon kit (475 sq.ft)   $150.00    3 gallon kit (1050 sq. ft) $275.00  15 gallon kit: $1100.00

Water-based two-component catalyzed aliphatic hi-performance urethane sealer:  NO Solvent odors, excellent 
abrasion resistance hi-gloss,  fast set time.  NOT for use in constant chemical exposure environments 35% solids.

                       1 gallon kit (525 sq. ft.) $60.00                        5 gallon kit (2650 sq. ft) $275.00

PAINT CHIPS:  BEST PRICE ANYWHERE!!!! For our epoxy customers: $6.50/lb,($9.00/lb if ordered without epoxy) 
mix and match by the lb, any combination YOU desire.  Colors available:  charcoal, fawn, primary blue, maroon, latte, 
cream, red, white, black, cocoa, hunter green, light orange, CHIPS ARE 1/4 inch.  Guidelines- it really is all subjective- 
below!  Paint chip colors and examples of combination options!

Full: 1 lb per 10- 40 sq.ft.                                                                          Heavy 1 lb per 40 -75 sq ft.;
medium 1 lb per 75-150 square feet,                                                         light 1 lb per 150 - 300 square feet

ANTI SKID HWS- to give texture to THIN-Build epoxy floors, which can be slippery when wet.  1/2pint; $8.00
OTTAWA SAND- add to 100% solids epoxy for texture, skid-resistance when wet- buy locally, or we ship at best prices

Other Coating  Products for Special Applications (we have more, just email us!)

100% solids Clear Epoxy - can be used as a build coat, filled with quartz sand, or to seal stone in outdoor 
applications.  100 square ft/gallon @ 16 mils.  3 gallons (2part kit): $210.00                        15 gallon kit: $875.00

River Rock binder used when installing  large aggregate stone. Specially formulated for binding large aggregate into a 
decorative matrix.  Top with urethane or clear 100% solids as desired to add texture and/or UV protection. 100% 
solids, clear, 2-part  Coverage depends upon aggregate.   3 GALLON KITS: $210.00                 15 GALLON KITS: 

OIL STOP Primer- for use on petroleum-contaminated concrete. Coat with Epoxy and/or urethane. 2-part primer 

                                2 GALLON KIT =  $100.00   10 GALLON KIT = $475

BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY!  We make these available to you.. just ask!!!! Purchase means that you recognize 
and accept our limits of liability.  Due diligence on your part is expected and is a part of your purchase agreement!

SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE CALCULATED and depend upon: weight of order, type of address, zipcode and components of 
the order.  We can provide you with a shipping quote after we know: address, residence or business, and product desired!
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