SORT- OF SALE!!:  Our pricing will be increasing just a slight bit as of 11/1/2019! Get your order in before then to take advantage of the low prices you see on the site now! We haven't raised our pricing in over FIVE years, and this slight increase is to deflect some rising manufacturing costs! Thank you!


Roller COVERS: 1/4 (best for hi-solids epoxy) or 3/8 inch nap (for
water-based epoxy 45%)
9 inch:  $5.00                18 inch:  $8.00

Roller Frame:  $12.00, 18 inch

Squeegee, 18 inch:  $20.00

Threaded handle, 72 inch, for roller frame or squeegee: $7.00

Spiked Shoes, for walking over wet epoxy:
$35.00 (straps onto your shoes, like old-fashiond roller skates you
wore as a kid!)

INDUSTRIAL Stainless Steel Jiffy Mixer for large jobs:  $60.00
Small jiffy mixer for mixing 3 gallon kits:  $ 8.00
(you have to use a mixer to create a vortex for epoxy products, to
insure adequate mixing!)

Chip Brushes:  
2 inch: $2.00    4 inch:  $3.00

Marginal trowel: $8.00
Finishing trowel:  $42.00

Extension Pole, 6-12 foot extensio
n, $33.00